Laboratory Testing of Soil and Rock

Accredited laboratory services with constantly growing number of accredited tests supported by more than 90 years of expertise

SG Geotechnika laboratory was established by professor Alois Myslivec, Czech esteemed geotechnical engineer, as the first Czechoslovak soil mechanics laboratory in Prague in 1929. The laboratory is considered to be one of the best-equipped laboratories of its kind in the Czech Republic with the largest testing capacity and is constantly increasing number of accredited tests. We provide laboratory tests of soil, rock, construction and other materials such as products of burning or fill materials for former mines. The output is an assessment of site characterization, geotechnical design, quality control and performance assessments. We take part in several research tasks – including non-standard testing that allows a wide range of auxiliary test conditions to be defined.

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Comprehensive geotechnical laboratory testing

Soil testing

  • Classification test (particle size distribution, liquid and plastic limits)
  • Physical properties (particle density in pycnometer, bulk and dry density, content of organic substances, content of carbonates)
  • Compressibility in oedometer apparatus with determination of coefficient of consolidation
  • Volume change tests (swelling in oedometer apparatus, collapsibility on wetting, swelling pressure in oedometer apparatus)
  • Hydraulic conductivity and hydraulic conductivity in pressure cell
  • Unconfined compression strength on fine-grained soils
  • Triaxial compression tests (UU, CID, CIUP)
  • Direct shear test (Shearbox)
  • Ring shear test (Residual shear strength)
  • Maximum/minimum density
  • Compaction test – Proctor Standard test, Modified Proctor test
  • California bearing ratio (CBR, IBI), soil improvements
  • Frost heave testing

Aggregates testing

  • Particle size distribution
  • Fine particle content
  • Flakiness index
  • Shape index
  • Abrasion test (Los Angeles)
  • Resistance to wear (Micro-Deval)
  • Freeze-thaw resistance
  • Water absorption test
  • Resistance to fragmentation

Rock and building material testing

  • Uniaxial compressive strength test
  • Tensile strength test (Brazilian test)
  • Freeze-thaw resistance
  • Modulus testing (cyclic)
  • Void ratio
  • Permeability
  • Water absorption test
  • Bulk density
  • Slake durability test
  • Abrasivity test (Cerchar)


We combinate both traditional and modern geotechnical methods in our work

Construction of the I.D Metro Line in the Pankrác – Depo Písnice Section – Comprehensive site investigation, including accredited laboratory tests of soil and rocks, geotechnical monitoring, passportization and risk management during the construction of metro line D

R35 Expressway, Opatovec – Staré Město – Site investigations, accredited laboratory tests of soil and rocks, in-situ tests, geophysical, geodetic and hydrogeological works

Modernization of Navigation Locks Brandýs nad Labem and Velký Osek, Elbe Waterway – Site investigations for the locks reconstruction design including georadar surveying, geophysical measurements and laboratory tests, modernization has received Waterways Directorate of the Czech Republic Award 2015

Modernization of IV. Transit Railway Corridor – Accredited laboratory tests and professional site supervision during carrying out additional geotechnical surveys, design and realization of individual constructions of the IV. transit railway corridor on the route Horní Dvořiště – Prague Hostivař

Reconstruction of Olomouc Railway Station – Laboratory verification tests and professional site supervision for the reconstruction of one of the largest railway junctions in the Czech Republic

River Garden Administrative Complex II/III – Geotechnical laboratory testing of soil and water in scope of site investigation for foundation, additional survey of contamination and hydrogeological survey

Construction of the I.D Metro Line in the Pankrác – Depo Písnice Section
Modernization of Navigation Locks Brandýs nad Labem and Velký Osek, Elbe Waterway
Modernization of IV. Transit Railway Corridor