Geotechnical Monitoring and In-situ Tests

We are the leader of geotechnical monitoring services in the Czech Republic, we design customized monitoring systems, identify and control geotechnical risks in all stages of engineering projects implementation

We are market leader in the field of geotechnical monitoring in the Czech Republic. We design not only customized monitoring systems, but also comprehensive operation of monitoring systems during construction of engineering projects and, if required, during their operation. A wide range of geotechnical monitoring methods, we apply on the surface, in boreholes and underground and define warning states, reverse analysis and application of monitoring as an observation method. We protect engineering structures against unexpected development and contribute to the safety of construction works.

Geotechnical monitoring methods

  • Measurement of subsidence and inclinations of surface buildings
  • Deformations surveying of crack formation in buildings as well as in rock mass

In-situ tests

We provide an extensive range of tests and measurements performed either separately or as part of complex tasks, the output of which helps formulate engineering solutions. We offer in-situ tests at construction sites as part of earthwork inspections, surface soil and rock tests on surface, underground and in wells, stress tests of columns and microcolumns, measurement of base element integrity using ultrasound and palpation.

Customized geotechnical monitoring systems

We recommend and design customized geotechnical monitoring systems according to character of solved issue, including its installation, operating, passing on to client or providing the measures by our experts.

We have developed and operate the BARAB® database system, which enables collection, storage, processing, and presentation of data from extensive monitoring systems with on-line access to measurement results for any number of users anywhere around the world.

users over the past five years
geotechnical monitoring measures

The unique BARAB® database system have been used e.g. during construction of four-lane motorways Prague Ring Roads, Ring Road in Brno, New Railway Connection in Prague, in major tunneling projects in the Czech Republic and several foreign projects as well as highway infrastructure and many other projects.

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We contribute to the safety of construction works, driving optimization, and management of risks

New Tunnels Mezno and Deboreč on the modernized Rail Transit Corridor IV between Sudoměřice–Votice – Geotechnical supervision and monitoring for the construction of new tunnels, modernization of transit corridor and increasing the speed parameters of the track up to 160 km/hour

Extension D8 Motorway, section Lovosice – Řehlovice – Complex geotechnical and hydrogeological monitoring to ensure safe operation of D8 Motorway in section Lovosice – Řehlovice

Extension of D1 and D3 Motorways, Slovakia – Site and hyrogeological investigation, geotechnical monitoring and professional site supervision for extension and tunnels construction at D1 and D3, the D3 Motorway Strážov – Brodno section has been awarded as Structure of the Year 2017

Reconstruction of Jablunkov Tunnels – Geotechnical monitoring, site investigations and design of remedial measures, the technical solution has received the Prize of the Czech Chamber of Chartered Engineers and Technicians Engaged in Construction

Extension of Metro Line V.A., Dejvická – Nemocnice Motol, Prague – Extension of the current Metro line A to the west with the first using TBM-EPBS full-face shields technology in the Czech Republic, Metro V.A Extension has been awarded by the Title of Czech Transport Structure of the Year 2015

Tunnel Complex Blanka, Prague – Geotechnical monitoring for the longest city tunnels in Europe passing through an urban environment of historical city centre of Prague

Road I/42 Brno, Kralovopolské Tunnels – Geotechnical monitoring for the Královopolské tunnels construction under an urban area in Brno, awarded by the Title of the Construction of the Year 2013

Lochkov Tunnels Construction, Prague – Extensive geotechnical monitoring for motorway tunnels construction on the Prague Ring Road

Utility Conduits in Vodičkova Street, Wenceslas Square, Prague – Geotechnical monitoring of underground works during the full operation of tram lines in historical city centre of Prague

Extension of Metro Line C, Nádraží Holešovice – Letňany, Prague – Comprehensive geotechninal monitoring to optimize driving and risk management during the construction of metro C extension, extension IV.C2 has been awarded by the Title of Czech Transport Structure of the Year and uniqueness of Prague metro has recieved the Title of Construction of 20. century in 2000.

Mrázovka Tunnels Construction, Prague – Comprehensive geotechnical monitoring focused on surface structures to optimize excavation and risk management during tunnels construction passing through an urban area

Klimkovice Tunnel at D1 Motorway – Complex geotechnical monitoring to protect a spa resort from the motorway transport impact awarded by the Title of Czech Transport Structure

Pile Loading Tests, Qatar – Pile loading tests up to a maximum load of 5,000 kN of commercial and supply port

Landslide on Expressway in Ammán, Jordan – Design of remediation measures of landslide threatening the newly built expressway diverting traffic from the capital city in Jordan

New Tunnels Mezno and Deboreč on the modernized Rail Transit Corridor IV between Sudoměřice–Votice
Extension D8 Motorway, section Lovosice – Řehlovice
Tunnel Complex Blanka, Prague
Road I/42 Brno, Kralovopolské Tunnels
Extension of Metro Line C, Nádraží Holešovice – Letňany, Prague