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Roadways nad Railways

We participate in the preparation and implementation of significant road and railways infrastructure

We provide engineering services for the preparation and implementation of roadway and railway constructions. We design infrastructure not only compatible with current demand, but also anticipate future capacity requirements, reduce impact of the construction to environment and improve the quality of life of those it serves. We have experience since 1995, when the main railways in the Czech Republic were modernized. SG Geotechnika has been a geodetic consultant for Czech Railways from the beginning of these large-scale construction projects.

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Ing. Jiří Záruba
T: +420 602 269 160

Roadways and railways construction services

  • Georadar measurements during the survey period, as well as after project completion
  • Geotechnical surveying of sleeper underlying rock
  • Geotechnical, construction technical, and diagnostic surveying od manmade structures such as bridges, walls, and culverts
  • Geotechnical, structural, and diagnostic surveying of tunnels
  • Project design for sleeper underlying rock
  • Project documentation consultation for addressing geotechnical issues
  • Geotechnical supervision for railway construction projects
  • Control tests of ground planes and construction layers, laboratory tests of base layer materials and aggregates in the track bed
  • Control laboratory and onsite tests related to the construction of railways and their repair and maintenance
  • Surveys, projects, and implementation of work aimed at stabilizing cliffs and slopes
  • Numerical modelling and design geotechnical constructions including remediation of slope deformation


We connect people and places in smarter, more efficient ways

D3 Ševětín–Borek Motorway Modernization – Geotechnical supervision and operative solution of geotechnical challenges, which in some cases led to a fundamental change in project documentation

Extension of D1 and D3 Motorways, Slovakia – Site and hyrogeological investigation, geotechnical monitoring and professional site supervision for extension and tunnels construction at D1 and D3, the D3 Motorway Strážov – Brodno has been awarded as Structure of the Year 2017

Optimization of Railway Český Těšín – Dětmarovice – Geotechnical supervision, verification tests and consultancy for modernization of railway line going through the undermined area of ​​Karviná

Optimization of Railway Bystřice nad Olší – Český Těšín – Geotechnical supervision, consultancy and laboratory tests for reconstruction of an important railway junction between the Czech Republic and Poland

Extension D8 Motorway, section Lovosice – Řehlovice – Complex geotechnical design of D8 Motorway construction with above-standard ecological measures with regard to the Protected Landscape Area České středohoří

D3 Motorway Tábor – Veselí nad Lužnicí – Comprehensive geotechnical services including geotechnical monitoring and in-situ tests

IV. Transit Railway Corridor, Modernization of Railway line Votice – Benešov u Prahy – Geotechnical supervision, monitoring and consulting activities for the modernization and increasing the speed parametres of the track up to 160 km/hour, railway line has received the Title of Czech Transport Structure of the Year 2014

R35 Expressway, Sedlice – Opatovice – Professional site supervision of all phases during construction

Reconstruction of Olomouc Railway Station – Geotechnical supervision and verification tests for the reconstruction of one of the largest railway junctions in the Czech Republic

Reconstruction of Jablunkov Tunnels – Geotechnical monitoring, site investigations and design of remedial measures, the technical solution has received the Prize of the Czech Chamber of Chartered Engineers and Technicians Engaged in Construction

R6 Expressway, Jenišov – Nové Sedlo – Design and site supervision of the largest construction of lightweight embankment built not only in the Czech Republic, but probably also in Europe, nominated for the Czech Transport Structure, Design and Innovation Award

Modernization of Railway Trnava – Nové Mesto nad Váhom, Slovakia – Professional site supervision of overall railway modernization and increasing the speed parametres of the track up to 160 km/hour

R35 Expressway, Sedlice – Opatovice
Reconstruction of Olomouc Railway Station
Reconstruction of Jablunkov Tunnels