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Geotechnical Seminar

Geotechnical Seminar with the participation of leading specialist annually deals with current geotechnical subjects

We have been organizing a Geotechnical Seminar since 1998. The seminar is intended primarily for engineering and transport constructions designers, employees from investment organizations and construction companies, engineering geologists and geotechnical specialists. Leading Czech and foreign specialists annually presents current geotechnical subjects. The discussed issues are regularly shown within range of case studies from the Czech Republic and abroad.

Geotechnical Seminars


Selected Geotechnical Problems in the Implementation of Earthworks


Geotechnical Supervision of Road Constructions

Nora Badíková, Slovakia
Construction Supervision during the Implementation of the PPP Project of the R1 Motorway Construction in Slovakia


Special Foundation and Special Earth Structures

Jana Frankovská, Slovakia
Revision of Eurocode 7 – Overview of the Most Important Changes


Earthworks – News and Changes

Hans Joachim Feuerborn, Germany
Coal Combustion Products (CCP) and Their Utilisation in Germany


Geotechnical Risks in the Preparation and Implementation of Road Constructions

Harald Vogel, Germany
Foundation of the Road Bridge in a Landslide Area – a Challenge for Geotechnical Engineering


Retained and Reinforced Road Embankments

Dov Leshchinski, USA
Postmortem Study of Exhumed Geogrid-Reinforced MSE Wall


Earthworks in Road Constructions

Hans Kloubert, Germany | Joop van der Meer, Netherlands
Continuous Compaction Control (CCC). Theory and practice | Practical Application of Dredging and Use of Hydraulic Fill on Land


Soil Treatment during Earthworks in Road Constructions

Daniel Puiatti, France
Actual Trends in Design and Execution of Lime Treated Soils


Design of Geotechnical Structures according to Eurocode 7 (not only) on Road Construction

B. Schuppener, Germany | Roger Frank, France
Implementation of EC 7-1 in Germany | Principles of Design of Geotechnical Construction to Eurocode 7 in France


Road Bridges Crossings

Francisco Cabrera Jeronimo, Spain
Transit Zones Earthworks – Structure. Spanish Experience and Innovations


Secondary Raw and Recycled Materials in the Road Embankments

John Murray Reid, Great Britain
Sustainability in Highway Construction and Maintenance in the UK


Earthworks in Road Constructions in the Czech Republic and in Europe

Alex Kidd, Great Britain
New British Standard BS 6031 Earthworks


Application of New Standards and Regulations in Road Constructions

Jana Frankovská, Slovakia
European Standards and Regulations for Earthworks at PK in Slovakia


Road Embankments and Water

Peter Schouten – Rik Bisschop, Netherland
Settlement Specifications and Groundwater Conditions as Decisive Aspects in Embankment Design in the Netherlands


Landslides on Road Constructions | Causes – Projects – Monitoring – Remediation


Earthworks – Quality in Design and Implementation. Interpretation of Current Regulations and Presentation of Construction Experience


European Standards in Geotechnical Practice. Interpretation of European Standards in Geotechnics


Light Building Materials and Geosynthetics in the Road Embankments

Milan Duskov, Netherlands
Dutch Design Approach and Response Analysis Based on two-years Monitoring on Light-Weight Structures with EPS Geofoam


Deep Subsoil Improvement of Transport Structures Embankment


Soil Improvement and Reinforcement

Alexander Smekal, Sveden
Methods of Deep Soil Improvement under Road and Rail Embankments in Scandinavia


Utilization of Secondary Raw Materials in Transport Constructions

T. Hansson – H. Eriksson, Sveden
Ground Improvement; the Dry Deep Mixing Method


Reinforced Soils – Introduction of the European Standard CEN prepared by Technical Committee TC 288 / WG 9 | Introduction of New European Geotechnical Standards. Classification of Soils and Rocks. Design of Geotechnical Structures based on Laboratory and Field Tests


Compaction – Road Embankment


Road Embankment. Interpretation of the New Standard ČSN 73 6133