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Geotechnics in Underground Engineering

We design and supervise complex underground construction projects, including Prague metro lines, collectors and pilot tunnels

Our mining and construction specialists are focused on geotechnical supervision during construction of underground line structures during all phases of the preparation. We supervise the entire process including feasibility study preparation to complete design documentation, as well as assessing the impact of such projects on terrain stability. The first project assigned was the construction of an underground gas storage tank in Háje u Příbrami (today called KZP Háje). Nowadays, we participate in various significant underground constructions such as tunnels, metro lines, collectors, pilot tunnels in the Czech Republic, as well as abroad.

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Ing. Martin Šefrna
T: +420 602 648 389

Professional geotechnical services for demanding underground projects realization

  • Feasibility study preparation including geotechnical risk analysis
  • Comprehensive design documentation and geological surveys during all phases of preparation
  • Geotechnical risk analysis as an input parameter for design documentation
  • Comprehensive design and geotechnical monitoring realization
  • Solutions of geotechnical issues via mathematical modelling methods
  • Geotechnical risks management during construction of underground structures
  • Geotechnical and site supervision during realization of underground structures


Geotechnical supervision of demanding underground projects during all phases of the preparation

Prague Metro Construction and Extension since 1954 – Lines A, B, C, and now also D – Site investigation, comprehensive geotechnical monitoring and passportization for project preparation, optimization of subway construction and last but not least risk management during construction of metro lines A, B, C, and newly also D, including gradual expansion of existing routes

New Railways Connection, Vítkov Tunnels, Prague – Geotechnical supervision and leading of the geotechnical monitoring consortium for the overall reconstruction and upgrade of the Prague railway corridor

Tunnel Complex Blanka, Prague – Geotechnical monitoring for the longest city tunnels in Europe passing through an urban environment of historical city centre of Prague

Klimkovice Tunnel at D1 Motorway – Complex geotechnical monitoring to protect a spa resort from the motorway transport impact awarded by the Title of Czech Transport Structure

Mrázovka Tunnels Construction, Prague – Comprehensive geotechnical monitoring focused on surface structures to optimize excavation and risk management during tunnels construction passing through an urban area

Road I/35 – Landslide Remediation at Hřebeč Tunnel – 3D model, numerical modelling, field and laboratory tests, assessment of various remedial alternatives, professional site supervision and comprehensive monitoring system for permanent safety of the structure, which has received an honorable mention in the Annual Transport Structure of the Year competition

Road I/42 Brno, Kralovopolské Tunnels – Geotechnical monitoring for the Královopolské tunnels construction under an urban area in Brno, awarded by the Title of the Construction of the Year 2013

Reconstruction of Jablunkov Tunnels – Geotechnical monitoring, site investigations and design of remedial measures, the technical solution has received the Prize of the Czech Chamber of Chartered Engineers and Technicians Engaged in Construction

New Railways Connection, Vítkov Tunnels, Prague
Mrázovka Tunnels Construction, Prague
Road I/35 – Landslide Remediation at Hřebeč Tunnel