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Remediation of Slope Deformation

We provide a unique rockfall hazard rating, an immediate call-out service to emergency situations and rock slides and we monitor the behavior of problematic slopes

We design optimal remediation solutions from geological investigations and surveys, to the complete design and delivery of geotechnical structures under the geotechnical supervision of our experts. We elaborate complete project solutions at any stage of the construction documentation, including compliance with the guidelines for the provision of funds from the European Union, where we provide consulting services when applying for these funds. Our experts provide an immediate call-out service to emergency situations and landslides. We design both passive solutions (dynamic barriers, intercept fences, mesh overlays) and active remedial measures (anchoring, securing with steel pegs). We also provide comprehensive technical solutions for landslides. We design, implement and operate remote access monitoring equipment for the long-term monitoring of the behavior of problematic slopes and walls.

Geotechnical supervision

We provide supervision activities to harmonize the designed measures with the geological situation on site in order to ensure the ideal interaction of natural factors with technical elements. We often encounter a situation where the underestimation and absence of geotechnical supervision on site ultimately leads to a reduction in the effectiveness or lifespan of the remedial measures. We also provide independent geotechnical supervision, in the form of geotechnical consultancy for investors of transport structures and others.

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Rock slope remediation

Ing. Milan Novák
T: +420 724 218 661

Mine remediation

Ing. Martin Šefrna
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Rockfall hazard rating

We perform hazard inventories from rock falls and slope movements in wider territorial units, where it is often necessary to eliminate emergency situations of a similar nature. These inventories capture the existence of all rock outcrops and are used to define dangerous phenomena and evaluate any threat to buildings or transport communications in the area of interest. As a result, we outline the required maintenance and evaluate the priorities of after-care solutions in the area of concern.


We protect engineering constructions against sudden development of deformation

Rock Wall Remediation, Strečno Castle, Slovakia – Numerical modelling for securing the national cultural monument of Strečno Castle and road I/18

Stabilization of Rock Wall in Park at the Lake Košutka, Pilsen – Assessment of the causes of instability, design of technical solution, preparation of documentation for zoning and building permits

Stabilization of Rock Walls in Hřensko, Czech Switzerland National Park – Design and documentation of remediation measures and professional site supervision during the largest implementation of dynamic barriers technology in the Czech Republic

Geotechnical Stabilization of a Rock Formation, Dlouhé Stráně – Design and remedial measures of heavily damaged rock formation to ensure a safety on the nearby road

Remediation of a Major Landslide on Railway Track Rynoltice – Křižany – Design of remedial measures on base of comprehensive site investigation and numerical modelling, project has received the Title of Czech Transport Structure and Ground Engineering Awards 2016

Remediation of Slope Deformations on the D5 Motorway, Pilsen – Engineering-geological assessment of deformation causes, design of remediation project and site supervision

Stabilization of Rock Wall in Park at the Lake Košutka, Pilsen
Remediation of a Major Landslide on Railway Track Rynoltice – Křižany