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Responsible support of BIM methodology

We apply the potential of the BIM methodology in terms of Czech civil engineering development

The Building Information Modeling (BIM) methodology has been emphasized in the civil engineering in the past few years. The methodology implies through a single digital model a new way of sharing information in all phases of projects from the design phase through its construction, use and maintenance. Declared effort to implement the BIM methodology as the evolution of project management is presented in approved Concept of Implementation of the BIM Method in the Czech Republic.

What does the BIM methodology mean for us?


to be faster, more efficient, more complex and more progressive


to take active approach to make the BIM methodology functional


of degradation of the effort caused by imperfection and misunderstanding in the process of building a functional system

We are aware of the importance of the BIM in terms of Czech civil engineering development. The BIM methodology helps us easily to share information from a single 3D model achieving a more efficient and collaborative workflow. Inherent responsibilities of each participant in development is essential to the smooth running of the project.
Simply said – understand BIM, which is our goal.